Thermal Circuit Breakers | Overload Protectors

An electrical circuit breaker is a common approach to the protection of electrical circuits and appliances. The goal of the circuit breaker is to prevent short circuit, overload, overcurrent, overheating, and other circumstances that may damage a circuit. Generally speaking, it functions much the same as a fuse; some refer to the circuit breaker as the fuse circuit breaker as a result. Though they serve the same purpose, these two devices are distinctive from how they work. A typical fuse needs replacement after it is triggered, whereas the circuit breaker can be reset and reused multiple times.


Based upon the configuration of the circuit breaker and how it is reset, there are several types of it. You can find the switch-type and push button-type circuit breakers, which are easy to reset. Just hit the switch or push the button and it is ready to go. Besides these manually reset devices, there are also automatically reset circuit breakers, and Sang Mao offers both these types so that you can find the right type of your application. We also supply circuit protection units with particular designs. For example, we have the miniature circuit breaker (MCB) for low voltage circuits, hence a low-voltage circuit breaker. We also have temperature-sensitive circuit breakers that are reliable for thermal control. Scroll down to see our products and feel free to leave us a message.

A-0701 Thermal Circuit Breakers

A-0702 Thermal Circuit Breakers