B-2002 Auto Reset Water Heater Thermostat

Product nameThermostat Switch / Overheat Protector
Place of originTAIWAN
Brand nameSANG MAO
Model numberB-2002
Temperature Range70 - 130℃
Operating Tolerance±5℃
Reset Differential10℃ - 60℃
Input Power125 VAC / 250 VAC
Contacts TypeNormally Close / Normally Open
ResetAuto Reset
CertificateUL / TUV


Temperature Range70 - 130℃.
Operating Tolerance±5℃,
Reset Differential10℃- 60℃.

Input Power

125 VAC / 250 VAC.

Contacts Type

Normally Close / Normally Open.
Dielectric Strength1500 VAC / 1 Minute .
ResetAuto Reset.


U  L APPROVAL75 - 105℃ 40A 125 VAC / 30A 250 VAC
TUV APPROVAL70 - 130℃ 45A 250 VAC


High Power Heater


Water Heater & Relative Application

Electrical Bathing

Common Protect

  1. Auto-reset and Manual-reset compact bimetal switches for installation in heating appliances.
  2. Comes in a variety of terminal and connector types.
  3. Built to withstand a range of high temperatures and high load capacities.
  4. UL、CUL and VDE approved.
  5. We offer Custom Design & Manufacturing services (OEM/ODM) for all Thermostats product specifications.
  6. This series is suitable for diverse applications such Water heater、Oven、Heating Appliances、Coffee Machines、

steam iron、overheating、LED lighting、Kitchen Appliances Parts、Electronic components.