M-9005Q,R Eared|Manual Reset (OLD)

Product nameSingle-phase motor protectors / Motor thermal overload protection
Place of originTAIWAN
Brand nameSANG MAO
Model numberM-9005Q,R
Type1" Single-Phase
ResetManual Reset
Horsepower1/2 HP ~ 2 HP
Operation Temperature105℃ ~ 120℃


Protects Motors1/2 HP ~ 2 HP
Operating Temperature105℃~120℃
Operating Tolerance± 6℃
Trip Time10± 5 Seconds
Electrical Ratings125 VAC / 250 VAC
Contacts TypeNormally Close
Terminal TypeFast Clip、Plate、Hook
Reset TypeManual Reset


UL APPROVAL1/2 ~ 2 HP,125 VAC / 250 VAC,105℃ ~ 120℃

  1. Single-Phase & Three-Phase motor thermal overload protectors for single and dual voltage industrial motors.
  2. Normally Closed contacts type.
  3. Solution to Motor Overheat and Locked rotor.
  4. Temperature and Current Dual Protection
  5. Variety mounting and terminal options.
  6. We offer Custom Design & Manufacturing services (OEM/ODM) for all Motor Protector product specifications.
  7. This series is suitable for diverse applications such as Industrial machinery motors, Various types of pumps, Refrigerator compressor, Air conditioning fan, Agricultural equipment, Heating appliances, Home appliances, etc.