About Sang Mao

About Sang Mao

Electrical and electronics industry is an ever-growing one, owing to the continuous innovation and progress,

leading to the development of novel technologies. Among the various top-priorities of the industry, personnel

and user safety is an absolute one. Recognizing the demand for high-quality safety protection devices,

Sang Mao Enterprise Co. Ltd, a leading electrical protection device provider, has started manufacturing

top notch safety devices for electrical and electronic circuitry.


Sang Mao’s range of safety protection devices include thermal circuit breakers, thermostats,

and motor protection products. Originally established in 1984, the Taiwanese manufacturer has

since achieved several milestones, some of which include being the first manufacturer in Taiwan

to obtain patents for “overload protection switches” and passed one of the most prestigious,

international safety certifications - UL certification.


As awareness of electrical safety continues to grow in both households and the electrical industry,

the company’s patented technology is more relevant than ever.


Sang Mao is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer producing safety protection equipment,

while also offering OEM and ODM support. Their quality products have been trusted by several

prominent companies, which include Asahi Tech, HPM, Generac, Omega, Schurter, Eaton,

Konica Minolta, Groupe SEB, among others. The Taiwanese manufacturer’s range of

products also comply with global regulations such as UL, CSA, VDE, TUV, and CCC Safety.


We’re the only professional protector manufacturer in Taiwan with the most complete product lines

and leading technologies of current (overload) and temperature (overheat) protection. The reason that

we can remain competitive in this realm is because we’re offering a total solution that ensures all aspects

of electrical safety protection are taken care of.