1C4 Auto Reset Thermostat (Thermoplastic)

Espressor machines, Vending machines, Toaster, Photo copier, Roomheater, UPS, Microwave, and Other household appliances and heating appliances.

Approvals: UL、CUL、VDE

Electrical Specification:

  • Electrical Ratings:
    C4/1C4 Series:AC 250V/10A , AC 125V/15A
        1C4A Series:AC 125V/15A
  • Dielectric Strength:AC 1500V , 60 sec 
  • Insulation Resistance:100 MΩ or more 
  • Contact Resistance:50 mΩ or less 
  • Life Cycles: 
    C4/1C4 Series:Over 100,000 cycles under rated load
        1C4A Series:Over 6,000 cycles under rated load

Thermal Specification:

  • Ambient Temperature:C4 Series(250℃)
  • ​Actuating Temperature:
        C4 Series (Maximum 205℃)
      1C4 Series (Maximum 185℃)
    1C4A Series (Maximum 185℃)
  • Tolerance:±3℃、±5℃
  • Differential:
    C4/1C4 Series:Normally 10℃ to 20℃ and other differentials can be specified
    1C4A Series:Reset  temperature can be specified

Other Features:
Compact dimension with high load capacity
High operating speed
Current insensitive